Red House in Honolulu.


This weekend checked out the new Korean eatery Red House in Honolulu on Keeaumoku near Michinoku and the Korean “Supermarket.”  When you walk into the restaurant it feels like you’re stepping into a party or an entertainment center similar to a Karaoke Bar.  There’s a huge video display on the side wall which plays non-stop Kpop.  The staff is all very friendly and helpful, they are attentive and as a nice touch when you call in for a reservation, there’s a personalized hand-written thank you card waiting for you when you’re seated.

The Kpop playing on the wall makes you feel like dancing while you eat!

The ambiance and staff here are some of their stronger points.  The food itself I thought was pretty good.  If you’re looking for traditional Korean food, don’t come here.  You’re better off down the street at Millions.  This place does to Korean food was Shokudo does to Japanese food.  There’s a new age spin to their ethnic cuisine.  Don’t let this discourage you however, overall I thought the food was pretty good.

Fish cake soup. It's plain as you can see but it doesn't lack in taste.

The free pop corn shrimp with a Yelp check-in! Unfortunately, not sure if you can tell by the photo but it was a bit overcooked so it was a bit tough on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The tangy sweet sour sauce that came with it made it bearable.

Bulgogi Pizza. One of my favorite dishes. Unusual but don't let this concept scare you, it's very good.

Kim Chee Jige. It's delightfully spicy and savory. Watch out for the bones left in the spare ribs (It looked like spare ribs).

Eggroll that comes with the Kim Chee Jige. We weren't sure what the sauce was but it looked unappetizing because of it's yellow color. The texture was a bit of a turnoff with it's creaminess and the taste was a bit too sweet for our liking. It's not something we would volunteraly order. When we asked our waiter what the sauce was he wasn't sure as he mentioned it was just, "something the chef concocted."

The Chef's chicken sorta had a cross between a local style garlic chicken and korean style fried chicken. It was served with some leaks marinated in the same sauce. I liked this dish the most of everything I had.

I probably wouldn’t pick this place as my first choice of eateries but it’s great for groups and I would have no problem coming here again.  The parking is a bit of a drag as the lot is pretty small and crowded due to the sheer volume of other establishments surrounding them.  Make sure you go before 6:30 or after 8:30 so you won’t have to battle for parking…as much 🙂

Red House in Honolulu
835 Keeaumoku Street
Honolulu, HI 96814
944-0088 Reservations recommended
Mon, Wed-Sun 11am – 10pm

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  1. Sometimes they spell your name wrong on the card. For example, my name was “Telly.”


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