9 Reasons to Love the Summer in Hawaii.


It’s summertime, and what’s not to like about spending a summer in Hawaii?  Beautiful beaches, gorgeous scenery and those every lasting romantic sunsets.  Here’s 9 reasons that make spending a summer in Hawaii more enjoyable.  What would you add?

1.  Summer break.

gradFor those of us who do not have the responsibility of working a full-time job….aka full-time student, you’re free from the ball-and-chain that is school for a solid 3-4 months (unless you’re on year-round…..sorry…..).  Sure you could be on summer break anywhere in the world but being in the tropics makes it that much more special.  You’re free to enjoy the season filled with BBQ’s, beach days, playing in traffic, island hopping, whatever.

2.  Less traffic for work day commute.

truckNow that all the kiddies are out of school it means less traffic on the road during commute hours.  An hour drive from the west side of Oahu into downtown now takes 25 minutes!

3.  Longer days means more time to play.

SurfThe earth is tilted as it moves around the sun.  As the earth reaches a particular point in its orbit around the sun, the hemisphere that tilts toward the sun, be it northern or southern, will receive more direct sunlight creating longer days.  This means more time to surf the south shore summer swells for townies.


4.  Street fairs.

spam jamWith the summer months comes street fair galore.  Street fairs in Hawaii are all very cool as they allow for great food, entertainment, people watching and other activities.  Some of the favorites include Spam Jam and the Pan Pacific Festival Hoolaulea.


5.  Mangoes!

snl101Err, obviously not the Chris Kattan SNL character Mango but the fruit version….err, well you know what i mean.  The ones you see hanging off a tree everywhere you go in Kalihi Valley.  (Photo VIA.)


6.  Obon Dances and Festivals.

Bon DanceThe summer months brings the Obon season which means for lively events throughout the state that include, good music, a celebratory dance to honor our ancestors and of course the food.  I’m sensing a pattern here…. (Photo VIA.)


7.  Anna Miller’s Strawberry Cream Pie!

Anna Miller‘Nuff said.  (Photo VIA.)


8.  Music Concerts.

ShellGreat summer weather encourages more local artist and artist out-of-state to take a stopover in Hawaii….especially when it’s still cold in certain parts of the world….or like in Kauai….. (Photo VIA.)


9.  More job opportunities.

WaikikiWith the influx of tourism during the summer months, there is an abundance of job opportunities, some seasonal and some permanent if the company or companies foresee a good economic outlook with the summer season as the launching pad.  (Photo VIA.)




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