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12 Tell-Tale Signs You’re Nearing 40.


It’s pretty obvious.  You’re getting old especially if you remember these things and lived it.

1.  Hairdo.

Ladies had the wave.  Fellas sported their BWB aka bolo with bangs.  Or sometimes just plain ol’ mullet.  (Photo VIA & VIA).

2.  Cavaricci.

The privileged had their pick of different colored Cavaricci pants.  The rest of us schmuck sported Bojo’s. (Photo VIA).

3. FloJo’s.

You always had a pair ready to go. You even chose to wear them over your rubber slippers from Woolworth. One side note….they really got pretty smelly after a while (Photo VIA).

4.  Sunkist Fruit Rolls.

There was no other fruit roll up.  If it wasn’t a Sunkist Fruit roll up, it wasn’t a fruit roll.  The best thing about them was eating it like a cigar.  (Photo VIA).

5.  SNES.

Just when the NES broke through and started a revolution with the 8-bit video game console system, they one-upped it with the SNES 16-bit console system.  You could actually bring Street Fighter II from the arcade into your home.  Best game ever was and still is Super Mario Kart. (Photo VIA).

6.  Cuffs.

If you didn’t cuff aka peg the pants back in the day, then you’re lying.  The tighter the better.  Added bonus, wearing these bad boys with those leather shoes from Tom McCann.  (Photo VIA).

7.  90210.

There, I said it.  You knew everything about what was going on between Dylan and Brenda.  Kelly was your favorite and quite frankly you didn’t know what the heck Steve was even doing on this show.  (Photo VIA).

8.  Trapper Keeper.

Trapper Keepers were the coolest thing every.  Why they don’t still exist today is beyond me.  Not only did they look good, they were so functional in organizing loose-leaf paper, folders, a ruler and even a pouch for pens.  (Photo VIA).

9.  The Walkman.

You had one of these and actually know what a cassette tape is.  (Photo VIA).

10.  Cigarette Bubble Gum.

You were probably victim at some point in your life to buying these baby cancer sticks that the smoking industry, although they deny it, ingeniously employed to “train” future smokers.  You could puff on them and a cloud of powdered sugar would emerge from the end of the gum like smoke from a real cigarette.  Living in Hawaii you probably got them from the Manapua Man.  (Photo VIA).

11.  Commodore 64.

The first computer you ever worked on was a Commodore 64.  You could create linear designs with a little “turtle.”  Not to mention using the original 8″ floppy disk that was able to store a whopping 80kb of memory. (Photo VIA).

12.  Cartoons.

You remember real cartoons.  Shows like Scooby Doo, Robotech, Grape Ape, Voltron (Lions), The Justice League, Tranzor Z & Captain Caveman.  None of this Pokeman crap.  (Photo VIA).


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