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The Best & Worst 2012 Super Bowl Commercials.


Happy New Year everyone! Wow has it been that long since I’ve last blogged?  I guess the last time was in December…but that’s still last year!  Anyway, hope the new year is all treating you well.  One thing most of America looks forward to in the beginning of the year is the Super Bowl.  Whether you’re in it for the game, the get togethers, or both…most households will be exposed to the “big” game.  One thing I personally look forward to as a marketer is the Super Bowl ads.  Due to the costly airtime, the inventory allows for only the largest of advertisers that can afford it, and supposedly, the most creative.  Did you catch some of the ads?  What are your favorites?  What were some of the duds?  In no particular order, here’s my favorites of mine and those that didn’t really work for me.

I had to chuckle at this one because were were all a kid once…the downside of the spot? Can’t really recall who the advertiser was until I looked at the ad again.

The connection between the advertiser and the concept wasn’t as strong as some of their older ads but at least they were consistent.

Was it me or did dogs rule the air this year for the Super Bowl commercials?  Here’s one of a few that I enjoyed.  These Dorito spots are a lot more entertaining and less corny than those Fiesta “Bag” chip spots.

I’ll admit when I first saw this ad I enjoyed it but the more I see it… not so much.  So hopefully they won’t blast this spot out like they did that “Vader” kid.  Reason: I can hear the client saying at the agency planning meeting….”we want our Super Bowl ad to be as funny and over-the-top as last year’s Vader kid ad…and heck that Vader kid got us a lot of attention can we capitalize on the Star Wars component?” They might have been better off just leaving it as the dog getting in shape.  The teaser was just that too…. way to tie in a dog and Star Wars.

I like this spot not because I’m a guy…okay okay, a lot of it because of that but really it’s the simplicity of the spot that I enjoy.  “Give and you shall receive” sign off, Vday flowers. Simple, short, to the point and memorable.  Good job Teleflora, now change that damn name.

I think I would have liked this ad more if it wasn’t tied to a car company versus the city itself but still….overall a good ad that pulls at the heartstrings & psyches up the rest of the country to weather the storm and keep pushing forward during tough times.

Unexpected is always a welcoming thing to have in an advertisement and this one came through. Plus, which guy here wouldn’t want to see John Stamos get head butted by some gal that’s easy on the eyes?

It’s out there. But the soup nazi? Leno? Makes it all worth it. Not to mention this new Acura looks like one bad mother funker.

The Honda CRV Ferris Bueller ad made me feel old. This ad makes me feel young again. Plus it had favorite cartoon characters that bring back great memories….including Voltron!  Pure awesome. Especially because he was also doing this between takes.

Betty friggin’ White. Nuff’ said. I wish we could just skip to the ending an avoid all that minutia before the reveal.

I love chocolate, now.

Alright so this one was probably my favorite ad of all of them even though i said I’m listing these ads in no particular order.  The best part is the end tag where they support rescue dogs.  Cute, cool, and everything in between….also great touch to drive traffic to their FB page.

I can see the client at their ad agency meeting telling them…we wanna see our product tied into football…. but be sure it’s funny….and hey let’s throw in a basketball version too….that’s funny of course.  That’s the problem, tries to be be funny but not so much for me.

Thanks Honda. Way to ruin a classic. I’ll no longer think Ferris Bueller as cool. It could have been a great spot, the only thing you did was remind us that we’re getting old.

Sorry, I know this one was a funny one for a lot of people but….for me personally, I worked on a similar spot and it seemed like it was a rip off of ours….they of course have the bigger budget and the fact that it’s a “national” spot….but still, can you see the similarities between this spot and the version I worked on a few years ago for AIG Hawaii.  Unfortunately because AIG Hawaii is no more, the spot I’m referring to is not available online for you to compare so you’ll just have to take my word for it 😛

Good Lord H&M, what the heck? Don’t you realize this is an American Football game where majority of the viewing audience skews heavily toward men?  So why the hell would you throw in a half naked David Beckham ad in front of them?  I get it…the product is for them but geez couldn’t you have someone like his wife sporting them?  Let me give you a hint.

Thought this spot was a bit silly.  Like they’re trying to be cool but it’s…oh so very forced.  I mean really, what’s the point of taking your car skydiving or doing bungie jumps?  Would you really do that to your new car?  Ya ya, I know it’s more of the essence of what they symbolize rather than literally doing those things but whatever, I guess I’m just not as cool as they are.  I did however, like the music backdrop which to me is a better fit for what the car stands for versus all the other stuff you’re seeing.


If Go Daddy has that much money to spend on the talent in their spots they should try and spend some of that money on coming up with better ads conceptually.

They’re just trying too hard.

Bit of a cheap shot here. How many of you actually feel like negative advertising actually works….effectively that is??

So what do you guys think?  What are some of your faves? Which ads did you want to kick out the front door?

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