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The Top 7 Ramen-ya’s in Hawaii.


Unfortunately, over the course of several years, Ramen-ya’s in Hawaii have dwindled in number.  There aren’t very many options to choose from anymore and good ones for that matter.  Among the best that I was sadden to see close down over the years were places like Taishoken, Kiwami, Raraya and even Ajitama.  That doesn’t leave us with much!  Here’s what’s left in my opinion….feel free to chime in since everyone’s tastes are different.  I should also add that I can’t wait for Santouka, a Japanese Ramen-ya chain, to open in Don Quijote Kaheka!  Shout out to @Nanigurl for help with photos.

1.  Yotteko-ya.


One of the last remaining Ramen-ya’s in Hawaii that really try to perfect their dishes.  It’s Kyoto style Ramen….make sure you try the Paitan. It’s amazing.

2.  Ramen Nakamura.

NakamuraThere’s always a line of Japanese visitors here which reflects its authenticity.  I felt over the years the Ramen has gone downhill a little especially after they changed up their noodles, but overall still good.  Parking is difficult because of its Waikiki location.  Get around that by parking at the Royal Hawaiian Center and go get validated at Starbucks or one of the other tenants there.

3.   Sapporo King of Ramen (formerly known

as Rai Rai

skWhen I heard that Rai Rai closed its doors I was so disappointed.  I mean the Ramen here was pretty Amazeballs….any place that puts garlic chips in their ramen gets a pat on the back from me.  That’s why I was happy to hear that the restaurant, though a different name, still served up the same foods.  (Photo VIA Nat N).

4.  Gomaichi

gomaGoma-Tei still has nothing on Gomaichi.  The Tan Tan, Shoyu and Hot Sour broth here is still boss.  (Photo VIA Nat N).

5.  Tsukuneya Robata Grill.

CaptureNot known for ramen, Tsukuneya’s niche is Nagoya style cuisine including their popular Tsukune dishes.  But make sure to top your meal of with their Paitan Ramen.  It’s a little different from Yotteko-ya in that it’s richer but the flavor is packed with a punch.  Tenkaippin’s Koteri has nothing on this either.

6.  Daiichi Noodles Cafe.

daiiIf you’re a townie like myself you probably haven’t heard of this place or may have heard of it but never tried it.  Next time you’re out in Aiea, take a trip to Daiichi and try their version of the Tan Tan ramen.  It’s really good…dare I say better than Gomaichi and easily better than Goma-tei.

7.  Kohnotori.

CaptureSay what you want and remind me that Kohnotori is a robata bar, but they also have pretty good ramen.  It’s very light in flavor but don’t let that fool you as there is depth in the broth.

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